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Influencing Stakeholders

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Every meeting, phone conversation, corridor conversation, presentation, email, piece of work and project is an opportunity to communicate; to get your point across and influence others to your ideas, products, services and new ways of thinking. Many will leave these communication opportunities to chance and 'deal' with them as and when they occur. This brings with it high risk and the likelihood that the opportunity is part or totally wasted. Worse still, we are reminded that 'you don't get a second chance to make a first impression' and that 'people get anchored to first impressions'. It doesn't need to be like this – why leave things to chance?

Successful knowledge and information management professionals spend time thinking about their communication and influencing opportunities. They know what they want to achieve, who they need to persuade, and have an understanding of the influencing skills required to enable the change to happen.

This workshop offers a number of techniques and approaches to help delegates identify, segment, manage and influence stakeholders. Delegates will also have the opportunity to consider the ways in which they impact on others – remember, you cannot not communicate!

Key Learning Objectives

  • A 6 step guide to stakeholder management
  • Stakeholder identification, mapping and segmentation
  • Stakeholder influencing and communication strategies
  • How we see ourselves and how others see us
  • Positive, negative or unintended impacts
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication

Programme Outcomes

  • Be able to identify, map and segment stakeholders
  • Learn about the ways we impact on others
  • Gain and understanding of interpersonal (verbal and non-verbal) communication
  • Learn how to design stakeholder communication and influencing strategies


Louise Nicolaou , Trainer

Who should attend?

This workshop is for those delegates who wish to become more successful in communicating the benefits of their knowledge and information management activities, ideas and projects to stakeholders and influence them through strategies and personal impact.

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