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Introduction to Copyright

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This course sets out the basic principles of copyright law. It aims to equip delegates with a knowledge and awareness of copyright in order to enable them to do the right thing – namely, how they are able to provide an information service without breaking copyright law. Ample opportunities will be provided throughout the day for delegates to ask questions or to discuss any unresolved issues.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What is copyright?
  • Criteria for protection
  • What types of material are covered by copyright law?
  • What can I copy?
  • How long does copyright last?
  • Economic and moral rights
  • Who owns the rights?
  • Fair dealing for research or private study
  • Library exceptions
  • What is research for a commercial purpose?
  • Copying for users with a disability
  • Other copyright exceptions
  • The legislative basis for copyright
  • Copying under licence
  • Copyright Licensing Agency
  • NLA Media Access
  • Other collective licensing societies
  • Government Licensing Framework
  • The copyright clearance process
  • Crown and parliamentary copyright
  • Re-use of public sector information
  • A framework for analysing copyright problems

Programme Outcomes

  • An understanding of the basic principles of copyright law
  • The ability to identify the legal risks involved and how they can be minimised
  • Know how to obtain copyright clearance of material


Paul Pedley , Trainer

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs a basic overview of copyright law. This course is a general introduction and is therefore relevant whether you work in the public or private sector. The course is primarily aimed at those with little knowledge of copyright, but it will also be useful as a refresher for anyone who needs to know the current situation in this fast-developing field.

NB. This course does not cover electronic copyright or licensing issues. Those wanting to know how to deal with electronic copyright issues should attend the one day course on Digital Copyright, or Digital Licensing, which are useful follow-ups to this course.

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