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Digital Copyright

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This course considers how copyright applies to electronic information. Whether you want to digitise material that is currently only available as hard-copy content, to make copies of born digital content, to provide networked access to copyright materials, or to download complete reports from the internet, this course sets out to guide delegates through the copyright maze. Ample opportunities will be provided throughout the day for delegates to ask questions or to discuss any unresolved issues.

Key Learning Objectives

  • An understanding of how copyright law applies to digital content
  • Understand where licence agreements rather than copyright law apply
  • Know what you can and what you can't copy
  • Know how to obtain the required permissions to digitize material
  • Be aware of which activities attract the greatest risks

Programme Outcomes

Copyright in the digital age

  • How the copyright exceptions apply to digital content
  • Electronic fair dealing
  • Making an accessible copy for a disabled user
  • The right of communication to the public
  • When does contract law trump copyright law
  • Digital rights management
  • Electronic rights management information
  • Technical protection measures

How does copyright protect specific types or categories of materia?l

  • Websites
  • Weblogs
  • Social networking tools
  • Broadcasts
  • Databases
  • Ebooks & ejournals
  • Software
  • Metadata
  • Deep Linking

Relevant legislation

  • WIPO copyright treaty
  • Directive 2001/29/EC
  • Relevant provisions of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988
  • The Database Regulations

Relevant case law

  • Digital preservation
  • Copyright clearance of digital content
  • Licensing & digital content
  • Creative Commons
  • Scanning material from hard copy
  • Rental & lending of digital material
  • Digital content and the exhaustion of rights


Paul Pedley , Trainer

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to know how to provide their users with access to digital information whilst staying within the law. The course is also relevant for people who have already attended the Introduction to Copyright course, and who want to understand how the principles of copyright law apply in an electronic environment. You should already have a good understanding of the basic principles of copyright law.

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