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Introduction to Online Competitive Intelligence Research

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The Internet is a key information source for all types of business information and as such should not be ignored when searching for competitive intelligence. The Internet contains a vast amount of competitive intelligence, including material that should be viewed as confidential, but isn't because it's been made public on the web. Finding such information is difficult, as the real nuggets are buried and won't appear with standard Google searches. This one-day Internet research course is aimed at overcoming this and showing how hard-to-find information can be found legally and ethically on the Internet. The course includes real examples of what can be found ranging from supplier lists and technical data to internal budget data that should have been protected but was made open access.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the sorts of competitive intelligence that can be found online, what is unlikely to be found, and why.
  • Learn a CI search planning methodology that reduces time spent searching.
  • Discover advanced search techniques for finding news, technical & market data, R&D details, strategies, etc.
  • Identify ways to analyse websites to uncover hidden intelligence.
  • Learn how to use social media as part of competitive intelligence research.
  • Discover out how to use online research to support primary research  finding potential contacts and sources.

Programme Outcomes

  • The role & importance of online research in C.I
  • CI Search planning  identifying what is likely to be available.
  • Advanced and deep web search techniques for C.I
  • Analysing company web sites, domains, and site histories for hidden intelligence.
  • Using social media as part of a competitive intelligence research programme.
  • Moving from secondary research to primary research  finding potential contacts & sources.
  • Integrating online research into the overall CI process.


Arthur Weiss

Who should attend?

This is course is aimed at managers and individuals who need to carry out competitive intelligence within their job roles, and want to develop their search skills specifically for competitive intelligence research

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