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Contract Negotiation for Information Professionals

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Those tasked with negotiating and managing contracts for business information (and associated data types like market data) are faced by some of the most demanding challenges by those involved in procuring products and services for their organisation. Competing stakeholder groups have different (and sometimes contradictory) demands and navigating through this requires specific skills. Suppliers have their own agendas and their reward structure might not be aligned with the business drivers of their clients. Recurring issues are how do you get the best out of your relationship with your supplier and how do you negotiate effectively so that you get the deal that you want and your stakeholders demand?

This course effectively guides you through the complexities of negotiating contracts for business information and will equip you with the skills necessary to achieve winning outcomes.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Business information needs assessment
  • Partnering with vendors
  • Control and management of contracts
  • Contract content
  • Pricing models
  • Negotiation tactics and styles
  • Challenges in contract negotiation

Programme Outcomes

  • Ensuring you get the right business information product for your organisation on the right terms
  • Tools and techniques for managing the life cycle of business information contracts
  • Strategies for planning and executing negotiations with vendors


Martin Ainsworth , Trainer

Who should attend?

Those who are involved in the management and negotiation of contracts with information vendors

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