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Information Architecture in SharePoint 2010

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This one-day workshop is aimed at individuals new to, or with minimal experience of SharePoint 2010 and who are looking to develop a usable, practical, scalable and flexible SharePoint implementation. The day will provide an unbiased overview of SharePoint, highlighting the potential pitfalls and detail of how to implement the essential structure  an information architecture  for the product. The workshop will focus on real-world experiences and practical techniques.

Live SharePoint 2010 demonstrations will be used to illustrate the training. Questions will be welcome throughout the day and attendees will be given the opportunity to ask organisation-specific questions at the end of the day if needed. Breakout sessions will take place to illustrate key points as appropriate.

Key Learning Objectives

  • A comprehensive understanding of the elements of information architecture including metadata, taxonomies and user interface design
  • A practical understanding of how information architecture drives SharePoint functionality

Programme Outcomes

  • Overview of information architecture
    • Metadata
    • Taxonomies
    • Findability
    • Navigation
  • Developing an information architecture
  • Overview of SharePoint
  • Key concepts
  • Collaboration functionality
  • Portals functionality
  • Search functionality
  • Document Management functionality
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Records Management functionality
  • Management and user control
  • Effective SharePoint governance
  • Conclusion: summing up of the workshop and some thoughts on SharePoints future
  • Detailed Q&A session as required


Marc Stephenson , Director and Senior Consultant, Metataxis

Who should attend?

This course is designed for those who wish to implement a SharePoint 2010 solution or are looking to improve their current implementation. It is suitable for information and knowledge management professionals in particular but also useful to project managers, business analysts and SharePoint developers who wish to develop their understanding of information architecture.

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