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Extending Taxonomies with Related Metadata

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This one-day course will review the advantages and examples of faceted hierarchical classification in taxonomies, then demonstrate how the addition of synonyms, related topics and shared attributes can create a "hybrid classification system" to power improved information retrieval and delivery.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Deeper understanding of content classification beyond simple taxonomies;
  • Knowledge of the benefits of a thesaurus to define synonyms and an ontology to define relationships;
  • Awareness of "contextual keywords," from relevant documents or a user-contributed "folksonomy;"
  • Practical experience in extending taxonomy topics with this additional metadata;
  • Appreciation of how hybrid classification supports the semantic web and linked data;
  • Introduction to relevant UK and international standards and appropriate software tools.

Programme Outcomes

  • Review benefits of taxonomy structure, then demonstrate how to extend it with synonyms, related topics and shared attributes, using the structures of a thesaurus and an ontology;
  • Introduce the linking of synonym rings to create "semantic nets" to discover information;
  • Discuss how to use subject experts, automated content clustering and social networks to define related topics and contextual keywords;
  • Assess shared attributes to establish and structure relationships;
  • Conduct hands-on exercise to extend taxonomy with this related metadata;
  • Review tools for managing and displaying descriptive metadata, and examine relevant UK and international standards for marking up content;
  • Show how combining the components of a controlled vocabulary can improve precision and recall when searching for or delivering information.


Jonathan Engel , Consultant, Trainer

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to extend and expand their knowledge of taxonomy structure, practical uses and implementation, especially to integrate linked data, exploit the semantic web and improve information retrieval and delivery. Participants normally include IT managers, information managers, content management specialists, corporate librarians, web site managers and business intelligence officers.

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